How to Keep Your Invisalign Clear

One of the primary concerns of people who just received their Invisalign is how to keep them clear. Clear plastic is well known for discoloring, staining, and developing spots. Without proper care, an Invisalign can develop the same problems, and many patients come back to the office wondering what happened, and how they could have prevented it. With the right care, and proper cleaning, you can obtain properly aligned teeth without suffering from embarrassing bad breath or a discolored aligner.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a very popular brand of removable aligner tray. Many orthodontists recommend this brand because it has been proven effective in treating mild to moderate orthodontic concerns. There is also a lot of material available to the public on how the product works and how to properly maintain it.

By understanding the disadvantages of Invisalign trays, you can avoid what causes them and achieve the maximum benefits from your orthodontic treatment. Your orthodontist who specialist in invisalign league city tx wants you to understand how to properly care for your product.

Orthodontic Appliances Allow Additional Bacteria Growth

Any appliance that attaches to your teeth, or that is placed over your teeth, can allow for larger amounts of food particles to become trapped. These trapped food particles allow for additional bacterial growth. It also allows food to become pinned against the teeth, which provides the ideal environment for bacteria to multiply.

This bacterium can cause several problems. It can cause bad breath to develop. It can cause your aligner to become discolored, and it can increase your risk of tooth decay. By following good oral hygiene, you can reduce all of the issues associated with overgrowth of bacteria in your mouth.

Make sure to keep you Invisalign braces clean. Follow the recommended brushing and flossing schedule given to you by your orthodontist. Cleaning your invisible braces regularly will prevent any discoloration of the clear aligner tray. Make sure when you are performing your regular hygiene routine that you clean your aligner using the method recommended by your orthodontist.

Cleaning Your Invisalign

There are two primary cleaning methods recommended for your Invisalign. You should clean your aligner tray on daily, and you should deep clean it at regular intervals to remove and prevent odors, maintain the clear appearance, kill any bacteria hiding in the crevices, and protect the integrity of your teeth.

Clean Your Tray Daily

Cleaning your aligner tray daily prevents excess bacteria from sitting in your tray and affecting your teeth. Cleaning your tray daily can also prevent damage to the plastic that it is made of. When you brush your teeth in the morning, clean your tray well with anti-bacterial soap and cool water. Do not rinse your aligner with warm or hot water. This can soften and distort the plastic and cause it not to mold to your teeth the way it should.

Deep Cleaning Your Aligner

Deep cleaning your aligner at regular intervals prevents bacteria from penetrating the plastic, allowing it to discolor or develop an odor. There are several ways you can approach deep cleaning. Some people prefer to soak their aligners in denture cleaner. However, there are products on the market that are specifically used for this type of orthodontic appliance.

You can soak your retainer in one part hydrogen peroxide to one part water. Your aligner should soak for 20 minutes for a single cleaning. Make sure to rinse the aligner off well with cool water before you place it in your mouth. If you do not have peroxide on hand, you can substitute it with vinegar. Since vinegar is a natural antibacterial product, this works very well.