Losing Your Mobility Doesn’t Mean You’ve Lost Your Quality of Life

Quality of life matters. It’s a simple statement that most people would brush off quickly. Most of us agree that our quality of life is what makes our existence so important. We obviously have other reasons to live. There’s love of others, a sense of duty to various causes and a host of other things. But quality of life is really what colors our experience in the world. And this is as much thought as most people give to the issue. At least that’s as much thought as they give to it until their own health or that of a loved one begins to fail.

When our health begins to fail the idea of quality of life changes. It ceases to be something we take for granted. And it’s not something we can count on to be there the next day. Instead, quality of life often seems to become this wistful thing that we look back on rather than enjoy experiencing in the moment.

But at the same time, it doesn’t have to be that way. Illness, accidents and age can rob us of the specific methods we used to enjoy life. And this is where most people make a mistake. The important thing to remember is that quality of life isn’t tied to how we accomplish something. Instead we enjoy things because of the end result. This idea can be easier to understand by considering an example.

Consider the case of someone in Rochester who has lost some stability in his legs. He can stand upright, but he’s in danger of falling due to muscle atrophy and lack of balance. Some people might simply give up and assume they’ll be sedentary for the rest of their life. More people will try to use a walker. And this would be an ideal solution to our example’s mobility issue.

However, he’ll still be unable to get up out of a chair to use the walker. Someone would always have to be there to help him get up out of a chair and onto a walker. That loss of independence is as much of a blow to quality of life as the mobility issues. But here’s where we can examine an important principle. We can go online and consider any chair lifts rochester mn. Of course, the exact item that will help someone will depend upon the specific condition. But the main point is a concept of actively looking for ways to change how we accomplish any given task.

In our example we looked at someone who wanted to walk again. It turned out that he needed to combine two pieces of medical equipment to fully compensate for his condition. But the main point to take away from that example is the fact that he was able to do it. People can become discouraged when they lose some of their quality of life. And they’re often so discouraged that they don’t have the energy needed to even investigate solutions. But if we keep at it and try to think around the problem, we can usually find solutions.