Our View of the World Can Change a Lot over Time

It’s often noted that different people see the world in different ways. We often assume that this is a purely metaphorical statement. When we talk about vision it’s usually more about our emotional relationship with an object of discussion. We might have a vision of where certain events will lead. Our worldview might have to do with more optimistic or pessimistic takes on a situation. But when one really considers these statements there’s a surprisingly literal side to it as well.

Our mental worldview is often heavily tied to our physical senses. And, as one might expect, eyesight is chief among them. Our ability to see things clearly gives us a chance to take in more information about the people and events in our lives. It’s easy for a so-called short-sighted approach to things to actually stem from impaired vision. And curiosity about what lay on the horizon might well be due to particularly good vision. People who can see into the distance are more likely to find sparks of curiosity which drive them to new discoveries.

For most of human history this would be a purely academic concept. But modern optometry has given us quite a few options. The dawn of this change came from glasses. But this kept the changes to vision as an object. Our vision wasn’t so much changed as it was altered by a fragile and weighty thing strapped to our head. It leaves blind spots, and simply doesn’t feel like it’s fully addressing every aspect of impaired vision.

Contacts were a huge leap forward. They address the issue of blind spots left by eyeglasses. And people seldom really feel the contacts on their eyes. They’re far closer to fixing one’s impaired vision rather than just trying to cover some of the problem areas.

It’s on a similar level to the other big discovery of the modern era. Lasik also address most of the problems with eyeglasses. It’s direct surgical intervention with some of an eye’s problem areas. It’s a little overly simplistic to say that it cures one’s vision problems. Our eyesight tends to fade over time for a vast number of reasons. And there’s seldom one single issue which caused our eye problems. But Lasik isn’t really limited by the initial cause of an eye problem. It can often modify the resources one brings to the table. You can start an online search for any type of lasik surgery atlanta ga near you.

All of these corrective measures come together to provide us with something truly revolutionary. We live in a time when our worldview isn’t limited by our eyesight. We can easily have our fading vision brought back to the point where it was in our youth. And we might even be able to push it beyond that point. In doing so it might also be able to reinvigorate one’s curiosity about what’s just beyond the horizon.